5 Reasons to choose Triple J Diesel for your Mechanical Repairs

Triple J Diesel

Triple J Diesel is a workshop accredited by Bosch Diesel. We are passionate about what we do and work hard towards ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied. Here are 5 reasons you should trust us for your mechanical repairs:

  1. Our extensive knowledge of diesel pumps and how they function we can test, calibrate and complete overhauls of all kinds of diesel pumps. We can ensure the quality of its performance.

  2. We specialize in all fuel injection repairs and automotive engineering.

  3. We offer an array of services to help you with all kinds of mechanical repairs. We are an industry leader in the overhauling of turbo charges. We also have the latest equipment when it comes to the engine diagnostics, meaning we can help you find the problem withyour vehicle’s engine.

  4. We have several technicians on site who specialize in fuel injection repairs. These highly qualified specialists guarantee the effective repair of vehicle or vehicle parts.

  5. We are accredited by Bosch service. Bosch isvery well known within the automotive sector and household appliances. All their products are of top quality and their accreditation proves they are the best. With Bosch diesel accreditation, you can be assured of the quality and efficiency of our mechanical repairs.
Choose Triple J Diesel for all your mechanical concerns, repairs and inquires. Choose only the best.

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